Inspired by a spiritual awakening,Carol's work is intimately connected to her role as a planetary visioneer. When the colors of love were revealed to her during a mystical experience, she discovered her ability to capture the simplicity and profound joy of our soul's dance with the Divine. Her vibrant palette--combined with the use of playful imagery and ancient and contemporary symbolism  encourages the viewer to discover their own spark and celebrate its expression.
 Stephanie, VisionCraft Studio 

Carol Heywood-Babrauskas lives on Tiger Mountain in Preston, WA with her husband Vyto, her cat Cassie, and her trusty canine companion Rosey the Leonberger. Their lives are very full with running a successful consulting firm, maintaining their 5-acre spread, daily hikes up the mountain, pet care, and weekend trips to galleries and art museums (big art fans). On top of that, it is important for Carol to take time for her writing and artwork, which hasn't always fit in but she is doing better at that now.

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Carol always considered her sister Kathy to be the artistic one and was not drawn to art and painting until her third eye/pineal gland opened in 1987 and it revealed an awesomely beautiful landscape that she wanted to somehow capture. Small crayon sketches evolved into bigger and bigger displays as her confidence grew and she discovered mediums that would allow her to create the effect she desired. The very enthusiastically positive reactions she started getting to her paintings motivated her to start showing and selling them last summer and enjoyed a few successful art shows. Hopefully this website will continue to help her share her artwork and regenerative energies.

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Author of Passionate Pinky